Kiwis for Protein, Avocados for Hunger….

Seems I must be intuitively a good eater as I’ve been Googling my lovely high-protein salad ingredients over the past two days and have discovered that Kiwi Fruit is not only scrummy but a great addition to a high protein diet as it contains high levels of the enzyme actinidain, which appears to aid the body’s natural digestion of proteins. In addition, the fountain of all knowledge (!) The Daily Mail, tell us that eating half an Avocado will make you 40% less desiring of snacks.

I did a module in Stats at University and I still can’t figure out what the hell you measure desire in.

In local news, my attempt to make Soy Protein powder taste of something other than death by baking it in to brownies was a complete disaster. If I’d taken a moment to tap into my culinary knowledge I might have remembered that flourless cakes with no raising agents require WHISKED egg whites. However, I followed the recipe to the letter and ended up with baked dough.

Which I’m probably still going to eat.


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