News and Spews

Just to get it out of the way…. yes, Jim, we missed you very very very much indeed. See you in a couple of years.

So what’s in the news today?

Proof that natural selection is still alive and well…


Andy Murray plays a blinder… allegedly not breaking a sweat for most of the match despite the 42C temperatures in Melbourne (Australia, not Chelmsford, sadly). I heard a charming little story this morning on Five Live about poor Jelena Jankovic burning her bum when she sat down without covering the chair with a towel first. In fact, according to the Beeb, shoes and water bottles are melting all over the shop. Ms. Jankovic took it in remarkably good humour actually… perhaps because no one has yet made the obligatory puns about burning calories from one’s arse by that point. I’m not implying anything, said arse looks lovely to me.

In summery…Andy Murray rules OK?


First of all, this came to my attention via The Everyday Sexism Project. Can this be real??!


Normally when I see things like this doing the rounds on social media, I’m inclined to take a massive pinch of salt before blundering into Outrage-City like so many keyboard warriors. So I will stop off in Skeptical-City until someone with an iPad can enlighten me as to the truth of the matter. If not real, then who are these sad hoaxers who sit around thinking up new ways to cause outrage (besides the Daily Mail and Comment is Free)?

[Linguistics nerd note: a five minute discussion took place here about whether the word ‘outrage’ can be used as a verb – the conclusion of which was that while the prefix ‘en-‘ can change the word class of a noun into a verb (e.g. ‘enrage’, ‘enlarge’, ‘enrich’ etc.), ‘out’ seems to only be applied to words that are already verbs.]

I’ve lost my (high-speed) train of thought….

Yes….anyway…if it is real…then stop the world, please, I want to get off.

In other news, this has made me incredibly cross.

As someone who books speakers for a living, sometimes for schools   As a normal, sane human being, I cannot think of anyone I’d like my imaginary children to listen to less in a school assembly. What’s he going to teach them? ‘Kids, it’s okay to be a violent racist thug for much of your life because you can always do a PR U-turn when the bigoted pond life you attracted to the organisation become too vocal for even you to ignore’. Newsflash Yaxley-Lennon, the Great British public aren’t quite that stupid.

Who should this kids be listening to? Someone like this lady, Anne Wafula Strike.


Paralympian and all-round amazing lass. She’s someone I have the privilege of working with and I think she’s smashing (especially since she did ‘The Tough Mudder‘ this year – endurance race through mud, ice, water and electric shocks. Yes, in a wheelchair.).

I was going to watch a bit of Big Brother this week for some blogging ideas but I saw this and nearly stuck pencils in my eyes.



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