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Rebecca ad absurdum

“What American English sounds like to non-English speakers”

I am a native English speaker. From time to time I wonder what I sound like when I speak to someone who does not know any English – someone who only hears the sounds I am making and the tone of my voice without any attempt at comprehension. I have heard many other languages that I do not understand and each of them seems to have a distinct natural shape that is difficult to describe but most evident to someone who doesn’t understand the language at all. One day, via the wonders of the internet, I came close to experiencing this sensation about my own native language. This song, called “Prisecolinensinenciousol,” imposes the role of a non-English speaker listening incomprehensibly to English lyrics on its listener. It was written by Italian songwriter Adriano Celentano and is entirely composed of American-English sounding…

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